The Silmarillion » Ainur » Valar

Estë – “Rest”, she is the spouse of Irmo Lórien (Valar of visions & dreams). She is the healer of hurts and weariness, grey is her raiment, and rest is her gift. She dwells in Lórien with Irmo and sleeps during the day. Their fountains supply the Valar with refreshment. Spirits of the elves go to their gardens and the Halls of Mandos, which are attended by Estë’s maidens. Melian the Maiar served her.

Nessa – sister of Oromë (Huntsman of the Valar) and spouse of Tulkas (Valar of Strength). Nessa loves deer and runs in the wild, for she is the swiftest runner. She also loves dancing on the green lawns of Valinor.

Nienna – “Mourning”, Lady of Pity and Mourning, the sister of Mandos and Irmo. She dwells alone and mourns for all the sadness Arda suffers due to Melkor. She often goes to the Halls of Mandos and through her pity, she brings hope, strength, and wisdom to all those who cry to her. She taught pity and patience to Olórin and she often used her tears and healing powers to wash away the defilements of Ungoliant and Morgoth, and helped to save the Trees of Valinor.

Vairë – “The Weaver”, the spouse of Mandos (the Judge). She is responsible for weaving the story of the World in great tapestries that reveal how all events are connected. These tapestries cover the Halls of Mandos.

Vána – “Ever-young”, sister of Yavanna, spouse of Oromë. All flowers spring as she passes and open if she glances upon them, and all birds sing at her coming. Melian also served Vána.

Varda – known as Elbereth, the exalted one, more…

Yavanna – Giver of fruits and lover of the earth, more…


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