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Inzilbêth – “Flower-sayer”, Queen and wife of Ar-Gimilzôr, the 23rd King of Númenor who persecuted the Elendili. She was reknown for her beauty and was one of the Faithful, so did not love her husband. She passed on her Elf-friend ways to her elder son Inziladûn (renamed Tar-Palantir as king), although her younger son, Gimilkhâd, opposed the Faithful like his father.

Lindórië – “Lady of Song”, mother of Inzilbêth, sister of Eärendur the 15th Lord of Andúnië. She was part of the Faithful, or Elf-friends, and passed this on to her daughter. She was also the grandmother of the wise King Tar-Palantir.

Silmariën – founder of the Lords of Andúnië and ancestress of Elendil. [see her entry in the Unfinished Tales]

Tar-Míriel – “Jewel Maiden”, born in 3117 SA, the only child of Tar-Palantir the 24th King of Númenor. After his death, Miriel was the rightful heir and should have been the 4th Ruling Queen. However she was forced into marriage by Ar-Pharazôn, the son of Tar-Palantir’s brother Gimilkhâd (and therefore her cousin). As his queen she was given the Adûnaic name Ar-Zimraphel.  Míriel was one of the Faithful, but Ar-Pharazôn was one of the King’s Men and continued the persecution of the Faithful (which had stopped when Tar-Palantir was King). Ar-Pharazôn was the last King of Númenor because during his reign was the Downfall, the sinking of the island by the Valar in 3319 SA, in which he perished. Míriel attempted to address the Valar in prayer, but the great wave that rolled over the sinking land overtook her, and she drowned before reaching the summit of Meneltarma.

Queen Tar-Miriel and the Great Wave by Ted Nasmith
Queen Tar-Miriel and the Great Wave by Ted Nasmith


[more Númenóreans are listed in the Unfinished Tales section]


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