Silvan Elves

Unfinished Tales » Elves » Silvan Elves of Lórien

Mithrellas – “Gray Leaf Lady”, a companion of Nimrodel who fled with her from Lórien to escape the evil arising in Moria in 1981 of the Third Age. They fled to the Belfalas coast, where there was an ancient Elven port near Dol Amroth. According to legend, Nimrodel and her maidens became lost but Mithrellas was found by Imrazôr, a Númenórean of Belfalas, and took her as his wife. After she bore him a son Galador and a daughter Gilmith, she slipped away by night and he saw her no more. Her fate after this is unknown. Galador and his descendants, the Princes of Dol Amroth, were known for their noble and fair faces attributed to their elven-blood. Legolas noticed this when he first met Prince Imrahil, “It is long since the people of Nimrodel left the woodlands of Lórien, and yet still one may see that not all sailed from Amroth’s haven west over water.” [ROTK IV 9]

Nimrodel – “Lady of the White Cave”, Elf-maiden loved by Amroth Lord of Lórien. She loved him also but as a Silvan Elf, she regretted the incoming of the Elves from the West, who she said brought wars and destroyed peace. She dwelt besides the falls of the River Nimrodel (which was named after her), a mountain stream than ran south along Lórien. Amroth, although Sindarin, was the King of Lórien. He lived on a green mound called Cerin Amroth [see Arwen] and took no wife since Nimrodel would not wed him. When the Balrog appeared in Moria, she fled with her maidens south to escape the evil (in 1981 TA). Amroth followed her and found her at the edge of Fangorn Forest. She dared not enter, fearing the trees, and there she and Amroth at last plighted their troth. Nimrodel promised that she would marry him if he brought her to a land of peace. Amroth agreed, saying he would leave his people behind, but told her that there is no such land in Middle-earth and that they would have to sail West to Valinor. He told her of an Elf-haven in the south in Belfalas where they could set sail into the West.

During their journey through Gondor, however, they became separated. After searching for her in vain, Amroth went to the Elf-haven and found one ship that was leaving for Middle-earth. He persuaded them to wait in case Nimrodel found her way, and so they lived on the ship waiting for her. One night a storm came and swept their ship out into the sea. Crying Nimrodel! in despair, Amroth leapt into the sea and swam towards the shore, where the Elvish mariners, with their keen sight, saw him battle the waves until they overtook him. No Man or Elf ever saw him again in Middle-earth. As for Nimrodel’s fate, it is said that seeking for the sea she became lost in the White Mountains (Ered Nimrais) until she came upon a river (the Gilrain) that reminded her of her own in Lórien. She became content, seeing the stars reflected in the waters and listening to the waterfalls. There she fell into a deep sleep of weariness and slept so long that she did not come down into Belfalas until after Amroth had been lost at sea.

The story of Nimrodel became legend in Middle-earth and Legolas, during the Fellowship’s journey into Lothlórien, sings the Song of Amroth and Nimrodel and mentions that “in the spring when the wind is in the new leaves the echo of her voice may still be heard by the falls that bear her name. And when the wind is in the South the voice of Amroth comes up from the Sea.” [FOTR II 6]


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