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Elwing “Star Spray”
daughter of Dior (Lúthien and Beren’s son) and Nimloth, an elf from Doriath. Elwing was the wife of Eärendil the Mariner, who was also Half-elven (being Idril‘s son), and she was the mother of Elrond and Elros. She was named “Star Spray” after the Lanthir Lamath, “Waterfall of Echoing Voices”, where she was born in 500 of the First Age. Elwing was actually part of three races; Maiar, Eldar, and Edain, since her father was Lúthien and Beren’s son. Elwing’s husband was Half-Elven, and so her children had the choice of either becoming mortal or to remain with the elves. Elrond chose to stay with his kin, and later ruled Imladris (Rivendell) and was the keeper of Vilya, the ring of air. Elros chose the mortal life of Men and became the first King of Numenor.

After Elwing was born, Dior and Nimloth went to Doriath and Dior was named the King. After Lúthien and Beren died in 505 FA, the Nauglamir, the dwarf necklace containing a Silmaril which Lúthien had worn, was given to him. However, Fëanor’s sons found out about the silmaril and attacked Doriath. Elves fought against each other and Dior and Nimloth were slain. Elwing’s two young brothers were left in the forest to starve but Elwing fled with some of her people to the mouth of the River Sirion. With her was the Silmaril. At the Sirion, they were later joined by Idril and Tuor’s people from Gondolin, which included their son Eärendil.

After living sometime in the Havens of Sirion, Elwing and Eärendil were wed and they had two sons, Elrond and Elros Half-elven. Eärendil loved the sea and learned from Cirdan the Ship-wright. He built his own ship, the Vingilot and sailed in the sea. Elwing did not go with him, and sat in sorrow by the mouths of Sirion. Eärendil could not find Valinor, and so longing for Elwing, he returned to land. However, the sons of Feanor that still lived learned that Elwing had the silmaril. They attacked the elves of Doriath and Gondolin at Sirion and took Elrond and Elros captive. Elwing cast herself into the sea with the silmaril. However, Ulmo (Valar of the Waters) bore Elwing out of the waters as a great white bird with the silmaril and flew to Eärendil while he was on his ship. The next morning she was back in her normal form. They sailed to Valinor and Eärendil talked with the Valar, representing both Man and Elf. The Valar gave Eärendil and his family a choice to live in Valinor or live with mortals. Elwing chose to stay in Valinor, although she was very fond of Men. Eärendil sailed on Vingilot and was lifted into the heavens as the brightest star, Eärendil the Mariner, with the Silmaril at his brow. For Elwing, who loved the earth and wind, was built a white tower on the coast of Valinor. It is said that she learned the tongue of birds and they taught her to fly. She would fly to meet Eärendil when he sailed close to Arda (Earth) much like when she was rescued in the sea. As for their children, Elrond and Elros were taken by Maglor (Fëanor’s son) and raised them.

Earendil and Elwing by Roger Garland
Earendil and Elwing by Roger Garland