In a galaxy far, far away, there lived a jedi hobbit… Mae govannon weary traveler, hobbit, jedi, wizard, elf, or muggle if that’s what you prefer. You have stumbled across my little site, Sorry for you!

the Jedi Hobbit
jed·i hobb·it: noun. 1. The jedi hobbit is an elusive creature, a master of both the pipeweed and lightsaber. Relatively short in stature, the jedi hobbit is a formidable enemy when threatened and has dedicated his life to protecting the good from the influences of the evil empire. [Latin jedius, OE holbytla]


This used to be my personal domain/blog but as I’ve lost interest I decided to move it to to host my Women of Middle-earth info site. So there probably won’t be much updates but check out Alcarinque to learn about women characters from Tolkien lore! Also, I frequently post my fangirlings on tumblr or other such sites, links below. Thanks! :)

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