The Silmarillion » Elves » Sindar

Elwing – wife of Eärendil and once a keeper of the Silmaril, more…

Lúthien – elf princess of Doriath who married the mortal Beren, more…

Nellas – “Bell Leaf”, elf maiden of Doriath who was a childhood companion of Túrin, Morwen‘s son. She told him much about the forests of Doriath and taught him Sindarin and the ways of the Elves. After Túrin’s accidental slaying of Saeros, it was her account that earned him the forgiveness of Thingol.

Nimloth – “White Blossom”, elf of Doriath, daughter of Galathil, married Dior (the son of Beren and Lúthien, Thingol’s heir). Her daughter was Elwing, and she had two sons named Eleréd and Elurín. Nimloth went to Menegroth with Dior and her children after the battle against the Dwarves in Doriath. The sons of Fëanor heard that Dior had the Nauglamír, and prepared an assault upon Doriath. They fought in the Thousand Caves, Elf against Elf. Dior and Nimloth were slain and their sons were left to starve in the forest. Elwing fled and with her carried the Silmaril.


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