Unfinished Tales » Humans » Númenóreans

Ailinel – born 712 SA, daughter of Almarian and Tar-Meneldur, the 5th King of Númenor. Her older brother was Tar-Aldarion the Mariner and her younger sister was Almiel. Ailinel married Orchaldor, a descendant of the House of Hador, and had a son named Soronto (“Eagle-friend”). Soronto would have been the heir to Tar-Aldarion (his uncle) but the law was changed so that Ancalimë, Aldarion’s daughter, became the Ruling Queen.

Almarian – wife of Tar-Meneldur 5th King of Númenor and mother of Ailinel, Almiel, and Aldarion (the father of Ancalimë). Almarian’s father was Vëantur, the Captain of the King’s Ships under Tar-Elendil. Her son Aldarion learned much about ships and the sea from his grandfather. Almarian also approved of Erendis and wanted her son to marry her.

Almiel – born 729 SA, youngest daughter of Almarian and Tar-Meneldur, the 5th King of Númenor. Her older sister was Ailinel and her brother was Tar-Aldarion the Mariner.

Erendis – the Mariner’s wife of Númenor, more…

Isilmë – “Moonlight”, born in 532 SA, daughter of Tar-Elendil the 4th King of Númenor. Her older sister was Silmariën, the founder of the Lords of Andúnië, and her younger brother was Tar-Meneldur, who succeeded their father as king.

Núneth – mother of Erendis and wife of Beregar. She was from the Westlands of Númenor. She tried to give advice to her daughter during her troubled marriage.

Silmariën – founder of the Lords of Andúnië and ancestress to Elendil, more…

Tar-Ancalimë – the first Ruling Queen of Númenor, more…

Tar-Telperiën – “Silver Queen”, born 1320 SA, she was the second Ruling Queen of Númenor, daughter of King Tar-Súrion (son of Anárion). She was named for Telperion, the White Tree of Valinor. She ruled for 175 years and during her reign the Rings of Power were forged and Sauron conquered Eriador. However, she did little to react to these events. She refused to marry and bore no children. She was succeeded by Tar-Minastir, the son of her younger brother Isilmo. She died in year 1731 of the Second Age at the age of 411 years.

Tar-Vanimeldë – “Queen of Fair Love”, born 2277 SA, she was the third and last Ruling Queen of Númenor, daughter of Tar-Telemmaitë. She had little interest in ruling, however, loving music and dance; so the power was wielded by her husband, the nobleman Herucalmo. When she died in 2637 SA at the age of 360 years, the Kingship should have gone to her son, Tar-Alcarin, but Herucalmo usurped the throne and ruled for twenty years as King Tar-Anducal. His rule was not considered legitimate and after he died in 2657, Alcarin became the rightful king.

Zamîn – woman who served in the household of Erendis in Emerië. She was an old country-woman, free-tongued, and not easily daunted. She was the childhood companion of Erendis’s daughter Ancalimë, the first Ruling Queen.

[more Númenóreans are listed in the Silmarillion section]


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