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Luthien by Ted Nasmith
Luthien by Ted Nasmith

Lúthien “Blossom Maiden”
daughter of Thingol, the King of Doriath, and Melian the Maiar, Lúthien was also called Tinúviel, “Daughter of Twilight” or nightingale. She was the wife of the mortal man Beren (from the House of Beor), and the mother of Dior. She chose to become mortal and share Beren’s fate. Their story is told in the “Lay of Liethian”. Her descendant, Arwen, is often called Tinúviel because of their similarities.

Lúthien was born in the forests of Neldoreth in Doriath. Melian cast her “girdle” around Doriath, and protected the Kingdom. Lúthien would walk around the forests and sing. One day in 464 of the First Age, Beren journeyed into Doriath after his many years of perilous journeys and woes. He came across Lúthien as she danced among the grass during the evening under the moonrise. Beren was enchanted by her beauty, as she had grey eyes, dark hair, a blue dress, and golden flowers in her hair. He called her Tinúviel, for he knew no other name for her. Lúthien and Beren would meet secretly in the forests, but Daeron, the minstrel to Thingol who loved Lúthien, told the King about their meeting. Thingol was angered that Lúthien was with a mortal man and they were led to Thingol’s throne. Beren spoke proudly that he thought Lúthien was the fairest of all the Children of the World, and everyone thought he would be slain by his words. Beren also spoke of the ring he wore from his father, Barahir (The Ring was given to Barahir from Finrod, who was recued by Barahir. The Ring became an heirloom for the House of Isildur, which is eventually given to Aragorn.). Thingol gave Beren a quest to get a Silmaril from the Morgoth’s Crown, and only if he brings one back can he have Lúthien’s hand. Many thought Beren was going to his doom, but he just laughed and accepted the mission. Beren said farewell to Lúthien and left. A silence fell upon the woods, as Lúthien was silent and sang no more.

Beren, with Finrod Felagund and ten champions, set forth to Morgoth but were waylaid by Sauron and cast into a deep pit. During this time, Lúthien discovered from Melian that Beren lay in the dungeons of Tol-in-Gaurhoth with no hope for escape. She planned to fly to Beren but she was betrayed by Daeron. Thingol, therefore, built a wooden house in the greatest tree in Neldoreth. Lúthien was made to dwell here, and the ladders were taken away. However, Lúthien used her enchantments to make her hair grow very long, and wove a dark rope which was laden with a spell of sleep. She let it down from her window and it made the guards fall asleep. Then Lúthien climbed down and left Doriath in a shadowy cloak. During her flee, Lúthien was captured by Celegorm and Curufin, who wanted to overthrow Thingol and force Lúthien to marry Celegorm. However, their wolfhound, Huan, was loyal to Lúthien and helped her to escape. For Huan could under speech but was allowed to speak only three times during his life. Lúthien then came to the bridge that led to Sauron’s isle and sang. Beren heard but he thought he was dreaming. Sauron came forth in the form of a werewolf and attacked Lúthien, but Huan sprang. Sauron could not overthrow Huan, and so retreated in the form of a vampire. Lúthien became the master of the bridge and went to the pits to find Beren. He was mourning the death of Finrod Felagund. He and Lúthien then buried him, and they went free again together.

Luthien Escapes the Treehouse by Ted Nasmith
Luthien Escapes the Treehouse by Ted Nasmith

However, when they reached Doriath, Beren was still haunted by the quest made by Thingol. Lúthien told him that whatever decision he made, she would follow him. Before they got to Doriath, Celegorm and Curufin came back and tried to capture Lúthien, but Beren fought with them. Celegorm shot an arrow at Lúthien but Beren sprang before her and was hit in the chest. Huan, the wolfhound, pursued Celegorm and Curufin, and returning brought Lúthien a herb to heal Beren. He was healed but decided to continue his quest for the Silmaril. While Lúthien was sleeping, he headed towards Thangorodrim where Morgoth dwelt. Before leaving the Pass of Sirion, Beren sang the Song of Parting in praise of Lúthien. But Lúthien heard and went in search for him with Huan. At Sauron’s isle (Tol-in-Gaurhoth), Huan took the form of the werewolf Draugluin, and Lúthien disguised herself as Thuringwethil, the She-bat, and entered Angband. When they reached Beren, they removed their disguise and Beren and Lúthien were together again. Beren, however, didn’t want Lúthien so close to Morgoth. But Huan spoke and said they were to share the same doom together. Beren then became disguised as Draugluin and together they came to the Gate of Angband and dared to go into Morgoth’s Hall. Lúthien was stripped of her disguise and offered to sing for Morgoth. All his court fell into slumber, and Lúthien cast her cloak before Morgoth’s eyes and sent upon him a dream. Beren then drew his knife Angrist and cut a Silmaril from Morgoth’s Crown. But while trying to cut another one, a shard from the knife hit Morgoth and awoke. Beren and Lúthien then fled but were chased by the werewolf Carcharoth. Beren shined the light of the Silmaril at the wolf but Carcharoth bit off the hand of Beren with the Silmaril. The Silmaril burned the wolf’s flesh and sent him fleeing. Beren was poisoned from the venom of Carcharoth and would have died but great birds appeared and flew Beren and Lúthien back to Doriath. Lúthien and Huan tended Beren and he was recovered and from then named Erchamion, One-handed (466 FA).

They happily lived in the forests, but Beren decided to go back to Thingol. So he and Lúthien walked into the Hall of Thingol and Beren said his quest was fulfilled. Thingol told him to show him his hand with the Silmaril, and so Beren held up his right arm, with the missing hand. Thingol’s mood changed and he listened to their story. However, news was brought that said Carcharoth was entering Doriath. Beren and Thingol, with other hunters, went in search of the wolf. Beren threw a spear at Carcharoth, but the wolf threw it back at Beren and was wounded. Huan eventually killed Carcharoth, but was mortally wounded. Carcharoth’s belly was cut open and they took out Beren’s hand with the Silmaril. Beren was carried back to Menegroth, but he was dead. Lúthien died with grief, and went to the Halls of Mandos. She sang for Mandos and a choice was given to her because of her labors and sorrows. She could dwell in Valinor, or become mortal and subject to a second death, but would live in Middle-earth with Beren. She chose to become mortal and she and Beren were resurrected and lived in Tol Galen, in Ossiriand (469 FA). They had a son, Dior, Thingol’s Heir, who was part of the three races, Maiar, Eldar, and Edain. In later years, Beren fought against the Dwarves and reclaimed the Silmaril which had been taken by the Dwarves and made into a necklace. Lúthien wore the Nauglamír, the Dwarf necklace, which contained the Silmaril. Beren and Lúthien lived out the rest of their mortal lives in Tol Galen. After their death in 505 FA, Dior inherited the Silmaril, which was then passed to his daughter Elwing.

Luthien's Lament Before Mandos by Ted Nasmith
Luthien’s Lament Before Mandos by Ted Nasmith