The Silmarillion » Ainur » Maiar

Arien – “Maiden of Sunlight”, the Maiar chosen to guide the vessel of the Sun. Arien had also tended the golden flowers in the gardens of Vána. Melkor feared her because of her splendor and brightness, for she was a fire spirit. Tilion, the Maiar who guided the Moon, was drawn by her beauty and so sometimes the moon and sun were seen together.

Ilmarë – “Star home”, chief of the Maiar, handmaiden and daughter of Varda the Valar.

Melian – Queen of Doriath and wife of Thingol, more…

Uinen – “Everwater”, Lady of the Seas, the spouse of the Maiar Ossë, who serves Ulmo. Her hair lies spread throughout the Sea and all creatures of the waters she loves. She often calms the waters from the wildness of Ossë. The Númenóreans lived in her protection and the Teleri Elves are especially fond of her, and she of them. Uinen also saved Ossë from joining forces with Melkor.


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