House of Hador

The Silmarillion » Humans » House of Hador (of Dor-lómin)

Aerin – kinswoman of Húrin, the daughter of Indor of Dor-lómin, taken as wife against her will by Brodda the Easterling, aided Morwen after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. She also offered shelter in her house to Túrin, son of Húrin and Morwen, and told him that his mother and sister Nienor had fled to Doriath. Túrin then slew her cruel husband Brodda. He wanted Aerin to flee to Doriath with him but she refused to go. She presumably died in a final act of defiance against the Easterlings, by setting on fire the hall built by Brodda.

Gloredhel – “Golden Elf”, daughter of Hador Lórindol, Ruler of Dor-lómin, sister of Galdor and Gundor. She was born in 415 FA and married Haldir (Hareth’s brother) of the Haladin in 436. They had a son named Handir who became Lord of the Haladin after her husband was slain in the Nirnæth Arnoediad. She died of grief soon after.

Lalaith – “Laughter”, nickname for Urwen, the daughter of Morwen and Húrin, beloved by Túrin her older brother. She was nicknamed after the stream Lalaith which ran by Húrin’s house in Dor-lómin. Lalaith was golden-haired like her father’s kin and was a happy child, often compared to an Elf child. She died from a plague when she was three (in 469 FA) and Túrin never got over her death.

Nienor – one of the ill-fated children of Húrin, more…


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