The Silmarillion » Elves » Vanyar (House of Inwë)

Amarië – “Of the home”, elf who Finrod Felagund loved but she remained in Valinor.

Elenwë – “Star”, golden-haired wife of Turgon (Noldorian King of Gondolin), she perished in the crossing of Helcaraxë (the strait between Araman and Middle-earth, also called the Grinding Ice). Turgon himself almost died trying to rescue her. Her daughter was Idril of Gondolin.

Indis – second wife of Finwë of the Noldor, mother of Fingolfin and Finarfin who were half-brothers to Fëanor. She was golden-haired and tall but not loved by her step-son Fëanor. After the slaying of her husband, she returned to live among her people. She is the grandmother of Galadriel.


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