Unfinished Tales

Women from the Unfinished Tales

The Unfinished Tales is the lost lore of Middle-earth. The stories are primarily excerpts and incomplete, but it explains Númenórean history, Gondorian history in the Third Age, and characters previously mentioned in more detail.

The Humans mentioned are: Númenóreans from the Second Age (SA), and their descendants that lived in Middle-earth in Gondor and Arnor during the Third Age (TA). The Black Númenóreans were descendants of the King’s Men who survived the Downfall of Númenor and settled along the coasts of Umbar. They were enemies of Gondor and worshiped Sauron. The people of Rhovanion were Northmen that dwelt in the land east of Mirkwood. They were allies of Gondor until the kingdom died out (around 2500 TA) and the people dispersed either to Gondor, Dale, or some became the ancestors of the Rohirrim.

Humans » Numenorean Descent

Humans » Northmen


The Elves mentioned are Silvan Elves of Lórien. Silvan Elves were Teleri by descent, but were those that stayed behind in Middle-earth instead of going to Valinor. Unlike their kin the Sindar, they never traveled to Beleriand but instead settled in Mirkwood and Lórien. The Silvan Elves of Lórien, the Galadhrim (“Tree-people”), lived in houses built in the branches of the trees. It is interesting to note that both Silvan realms were ruled by non-Silvans since the Elf King of Mirkwood was Thranduil (of the Sindar) and Lórien was ruled by Galadriel (of the Noldor).

Elves » Teleri



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