Unfinished Tales » Humans » Northmen » Rhovanion

Vidumavi – “Wood-maiden”, daughter of Vidugavia, the King of Rhovanion. In 1250 Third Age, King Rómendacil of Gondor sent his son Valacar as an ambassador to Rhovanion. There he dwelt with Vidugavia and grew to love the Northmen and married Princess Vidumavi. They had a son Eldacar, or Vinitharya to his mother’s people. This marriage caused unrest in Gondor because Vidumavi’s blood was the first non-Númenórean blood to enter the Royal House of Gondor. The Gondorians believed Vidumavi and her people to be one of lesser race since they were not of Númenórean descent and had a shorter life-span. Vidumavi was, as they feared, short-lived dying in 1344 TA before Valacar became King.

When Valacar died in 1432 TA, Eldacar became King of Gondor. However, due to his Rhovanion mother, many were unwilling to accept him as King. This led to the Kin-strife, a civil war in Gondor. Eldacar was usurped by Castamir in 1437 and exiled. Eldacar gained support from Northmen and Gondorians, and in 1447 regained the crown after killing Castamir.


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