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The Mirror of Galadriel by Alan Lee

Galadriel “Radiant Maiden” or “Tree Maiden”
also called Lady of Light, Lady of the Noldor, Lady of Lórien, Lady of the Wood, Mistress of Magic, she was the only daughter of Finarfin (Noldor) and Eärwen (Teleri). Her brothers were Finrod, Orodreth, Angrod, and Aegnor. She is said to be one of the most beautiful of the Noldor and her golden hair captured the radiance of the Two Trees themselves. She wedded Celeborn of Doriath and their only child was Celebrían, the mother of Arwen. She was part of the rebellion against the Valar and went to Middle-earth with her brothers so she could rule her own realm. She and Finrod often visited Thingol in Doriath, which is where she met Celeborn. There was much love between them, and so Galadriel stayed there and learned much lore and wisdom about Middle-earth from Melian. Galadriel would often talk with Melian about Valinor, and she revealed to Melian the story of the Silmarils and how the Noldor Elves were banished from Valinor.

After many of the elves returned to Valinor at the end of the First Age, Galadriel and Celeborn remained in Middle-earth. She alone remained of those who led the Noldor to exile into Beleriand. Galadriel was the keeper of one of the three Elven Rings, Nenya, the Ring of Water that was set in adament. She was the oldest and wisest elf left in Middle-earth, and also the most powerful and she alone remembered the days of Valinor. For a time, she and Celeborn lived in Lindon, the land west of the Blue Mountains by the Sea. In 1981 TA, after the loss of Amroth, Galadriel and Celeborn became Lady and Lord of Lothlórien and dwelt there until the end of the Third Age. She was Queen to the Galadrim who dwelt there and also part of the Council of the Wise (formed 2463 Third Age), which included Elrond, Círdan, other Elf Lords, Mithrandir (Gandalf), and Curunír (Saruman). Curunír was chosen as the Chief, although Galadriel wanted Mithrandir to be head of the council.

During the War of the Ring, Galadriel aided the Fellowship when they reached Lórien and used her Mirror to show Frodo the horrors of what could happen. She gave each member of the fellowship gifts, including the Phial of Galadriel to Frodo. She also aided Gandalf after his battle with the Balrog. Lórien was attacked three times from Dol Guldur, but Galadriel and Celeborn destroyed Dol Guldur and the forest was saved. On September 29, 3021, the last year of the Third Age, Galadriel departs over the Sea with Gandalf, Elrond, Frodo, and Bilbo, and they sail to Valinor. Celeborn remained behind and guarded Lothlórien for a time and then retired to Rivendell. He eventually sails into the West and joins Galadriel.

The Ring of Galadriel by Brothers Hildebrandt
The Ring of Galadriel by Brothers Hildebrandt

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